Get to Know You (Flip)

Use a Microsoft Flip activity to help students to get to know their peers, inside or outside of the classroom!
Ages 5-10 / 15
min Activity
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  • ‍Participate in a discussion about making new friends
  • Use Microsoft Flip to ask questions to learn about their peers and explore their similarities and differences

Supporting Research

The virtual exchange structure is based on a self-disclosure question-and-answer activity from the Greater Good Science Center, during which students take turns sharing information about themselves, which leads to greater feelings of closeness with their partners. Therefore, educators should encourage students to practice diplomacy, inclusivity, and collaboration as they use compassionate and active listening skills to ask questions, share their stories, and relate to others' feelings and experiences.

To learn more about these skills, and how they promote students’ healthy growth and the development of empathy, please check out our Empathy Framework.


Activity Partners


  1. Engage students in a conversation about friendship by asking the following questions:
    • Think of a close friend that you have - why did you become friends? What helped your friendship grow?
    • How can we show someone that we are interested in becoming their friend? (e.g., by asking questions about their interests, listening carefully to them, and responding with kindness and curiosity)
  2. Follow the instructions in the educator note above to create a group on Microsoft Flip, and add your students to the group.

    Post the activity topic in your group, which invites students to record a video asking one of the “Get To Know You” questions below, or a question of their choice. Then, students will watch their peers’ videos, and answer their questions by recording a video or typing a comment. 
  3. Afterwards, guide students to reflect on their experience by asking the following questions:
    • What is something interesting that you learned about someone?
    • What is something that you share in common with another person? How did it make you feel to discover these similarities with each other?
    • Did you discover any differences between yourself and another person? How can you show excitement and curiosity about these differences?

Question Ideas

  1. What is one of your favorite books or movies? What is it about?
  2. What would be a wonderful day for you?
  3. What is something (or someone) you feel grateful for?
  4. What is something that you like about yourself? 
  5. If you could magically gain any quality or ability, what would it be? Why?
  6. When was the last time you laughed really hard? What was so funny?
  7. Would you like to be famous? What would you want to be famous for?
  8. What do you dream of doing?
  9. What activities do you enjoy outside of school? (e.g., music, sports, hobbies)
  10. What is a part of your culture that’s important to you? (e.g., favorite foods, holidays, traditions)

If students in both classes have individual devices (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)...

Use a platform such as Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams which allows you to screen-share during a video call. 
One educator should set up the Kahoot! game and share the code with students in both classes by following this tutorial about using Kahoot! in a remote learning environment, and share their screen so everyone can follow along.

If students in either class don’t have individual devices...

Follow the same instructions above, with one educator starting the game and sharing their screen so both classes can follow along.  
Instead of students joining the game to answer the questions, they can hold up their fingers, call out their answer, or use a paper template to indicate their response.

If you prefer not using Kahoot!...

Use this document (Spanish version) to prompt students.