The Empathy Framework promotes three dimensions of students’ empathy development: emotions, thoughts, and actions. Through Framework-aligned activities and virtual exchanges, students practice empathy toward themselves, others, and communities that are different from their own.

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Featured Activities: Back-to-School

As many students are returning to school, try out these activities focused on identity, friendship, and community-building!

Daily Practices

Short activities to develop daily empathy habits.

Classroom Activities

In-class lessons to build an empathetic classroom community.

Virtual Exchanges

Activities to support live and asynchronous dialogue and collaboration with other classrooms.

Actividades en Español

Desarrolla la empatía de tus estudiantes con estas actividades para hacer en clase o durante intercambios virtuales.

Ready for more?

Check out even more activities in the Great Empatico Expedition, a collection of resources built around friendship, kindness, gratitude, identity exploration, and collaboration!
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Teacher Resources

Additional resources to help your class be successful.