Get To Know Your Partner Teacher

Connect with your partner teacher to plan your first virtual exchange together.

We are so excited for you to meet your partner teacher! Empatico exchanges are most successful when teachers plan and get to know each other beforehand. To do this, please schedule a video call to connect with your partner teacher, and use this opportunity to talk about your experiences as educators and coordinate for your first exchange.

Please note that your students should not attend this planning call.

Step 1: Introduce yourselves to each other

Discuss the following questions together: 

Step 2: Prepare for your Empatico exchange

Prepare for your exchange by following the steps below: 

1) Ask each other: "Why did you sign up for Empatico? What do you want your students to gain from this experience?" Then, create a few goals together and discuss how to shape the experience for your students in order to achieve these goals!

2) Look at your shared availability and pick a date and time when your classes can meet on video! The time zones are automatically converted for you.

3) Discuss which Empatico activity you and your partner class will do during your exchange, and how you want to adapt the activity to better align with your students' unique context and interests. For your first exchange, we recommend using the "Get to Know You" virtual exchange activity, containing the following steps: Prepare, Meet, and Reflect.

4) Discuss anything that might be helpful for your partner teacher to know about your students. For example, perhaps you have students learning English, with disabilities, or who don’t have a media release form, etc.

Step 3: Reflect after your meeting

Reflect on what you have learned from your partner teacher by thinking about these questions:

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